It has been proven that Malaysia has one of the highest literacy rates in South-East Asia. However, literary statistics showed that Malaysians generally spend more time reading newspapers and magazines and has neglected the other intellectual food – books.

An excerpt from The Star newspaper, ‘Malaysians still not reading enough, says Muhyiddin’ published on April 19, 2009 reported that from 85 percent who read on regular basis, 77 percent read newspapers, with 3 percent prefer magazines, another 3 percent read books and only 1.6 percent read comics.

 It is depressing to compare the figures between Malaysians and Americans. Statistics showed that 53 percent of American citizens read fiction while 43 percent prefer non-fiction books. And surprisingly, Malaysians (aged 10 years and above) read only two books yearly (two books accumulated exclude text-books for students and work-related books for working adults).

Strangely, major bookstores in Malaysia such as MPH and Borders reported that sales  increased annually. Besides, we can see that there are various book sales aka fairs in the country. And the response is always tremendous. Do you know that the World Book Day falls on March 4? You are not too old to start reading. Here are some different book genres:


 Marketing is a commonly misunderstood term particularly among beginners. Hence, this is the time when marketing books come in handy. These books enable you to learn everything from creating a brand to developing the product, designing campaign to meet the needs of your customers and getting return from the sales based on successful marketing campaign. One may find wide selection of text books published by Pearson Education.


 Recipe/cookery books revealed various techniques such as grilling/barbeque, steaming, frying and baking to guide housewives and those who intend to learn everything about cooking. In Malaysia alone, bookchains are selling cook books written by famous local chefs such as Chef Wan, Chef Ismail, Amy Beh and plenty more. In addition to that, you’ll also find cook books by famous celebrities namely Anita Sarawak, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Rachel Rae sharing their cooking secrets.


 For yoga practitioners, check out various yoga books from Hatha Yoga to Iyengar Yoga, as well as Kundalini and Vidya Yoga books. There are wide selection of yoga books for beginners and advanced practitioners such as cool yoga tricks and easy steps to Yoga.

Medical and Health

 There is a growing demand for medical and health books these days since health-conscious people intend to find out more information in these fields. Medical and health books are not only useful for health practitioners such as doctors and nurses but also to students. There are books covering subjects related to traditional medicine, modern medicine, dieting, herbs usage and many more. You name it, the market has it!

Readers can find wide selection of automotive books and manuals on cars, trucks and motorcycles. You may also find magazines reviewing latest models such as Cadillac, Toyota, Nissan and pick-up truck or cars that are suitable for families. It is not only limited to land vehicles but magazines and books on aviation subject is also available in major bookstores.

Parenting & Families

While you are expecting the first-born in the family, get a copy of book with thousands of possible names for the baby. There are large selection of books on pregnancy subject, raising healthy kids, potty training and books to answer your everyday problem. Written by experts, it is meant to address parents particularly first time parents.

Craft & Hobbies
Discover a new hobby today and pick up a copy to get your hands dirty. Besides reading, discovering a new hobby is also an exceptionally great pastime to discover your skills and talents. From crochet to painting, beading to knitting, the books are specially written for creative enthusiasts.

Home & Garden

 After selecting a particular hobby such as gardening, it is time to get your hands dirty by purchasing some garden tools namely lawn tools, gardening gloves, digging tools, lawn mower, watering and weeding tools. But for beginners, you should purchase home and garden books to learn the basics about gardening before implementing it. Meanwhile, for those who would like to decorate their gardens with different designs, check out books by Mike Lawrence such as DIY, Decoration and Home Improvement and Decorating ideas for home.

Biographies & Memoirs

 One of the best way to fill your free time is to start reading about human nature and the world in biographies and memoirs. These are based on true stories and hence, readers can learn a little from the mistakes as portrayed in the books. Among some of the best sellers are books by Frank McCourt – Angela’s Ashes, Tis’ a memoir, Teacher Man and Baby Jesus.

Self Help

 Self Help books are relatively popular among readers. There are wide selection of self help book series such as Chicken Soup and A Cup of Comfort. These two series have published more than 100 books under its belt specifically written for different age groups from teenagers to working adult, mothers and fathers as well as lovers and students.


 Another popular non-fiction books are travel guidebook series. For backpackers and holiday makers, it is best to purchase a copy of travel guidebook before you plan ahead for the trip. The books largely contain tips and information on the best tourists spot, food guide, transportation information and accommodation available in the city. Lonely Planet is one of the most recognized names in travel guide publishing.